Effective Altruism Poland

Effective Altruism is a worldwide community of people who use evidence and reason to make the world a better place. This website is the open network for Polish effective altruists' websites, blogs, projects and profiles. It is coordinated through ± dobro - the first organized active group of effective altruists in Poland. You can learn here about the ideas how to use your abilities, creativity and opportunities to do the most good.

Our current projects:

- Effective Altruism at schools and universities
We are creating educational pathways for schools and universities offering techniques of rational decision making in charity and theoretical background of effective altruism. Until now we have published the ethics lesson plans on effective altruism and rationality.
We are working on the Internet forum for teachers and professors, where they can discuss with us our materials and share their own ideas on how to talk about effective altruism, and publishing the Polish translation of The Effective Altruism Handbook.

- Promoting the most effective charities entitled to receive 1% of income tax (the tax-payer can give 1% of his/her income tax to the public benefit organizations from the official list).

- Growing the Movement
We are holding regular meetings in different cities, at which you can learn how to become an effective altruist, meet other people interested in this topic and tell us your own ideas on maximizing positive impact on the world.

- EA Newsletter
We are working on creating a newsletter of all EA organisations around the world.

- Blog

If you want to know more about our future plans or have any suggestions what could be done, please contact us.

We are looking forward to working with you!